Tuesday, July 7, 2015

An Open Letter to My Kids at Camp...Day 3

After tonight, we will be over 1/2 way through..."over the hump", as Uncle Josh says! Dad left me this sweet note this morning...I suspect he's feeling the same way I am!

I hope today was easier for you...in fact, I hope that your worry and unease was short lived and my anxiety over your lonesome hearts was all for naught. Today I caught a glimpse of each of you on the camp blog...one of you in "class" and the other on a canoe. Gracious, sweet loves, do I pray that you are enjoying yourselves! Seeing those photos made me heart a little lighter...

(Photo creds: camp)

Gram and I did some shopping today...it was good to have my mind and body busy, I find that when I am idle for too long, I start to worry.

Funny story, at suppertime we were doing "Roses and Thorns"...my "thorn" was that not all of my kids were home. I asked your two younger siblings on a scale of 0 (not at all) to 10 (I'm lost without them) how much they missed you, they both said "10"! But then Baby Girl added, "But when they're not here, I don't really remember them." and she proceeded to let out the silliest laugh!

That little sister of yours has been the balm for my lonely heart.

Time and again, people keep reassuring me that this is a great experience for you...that even if you don't enjoy it, you will discover things about yourself (determination, resolve, perseverance) that you will be able to draw on later in life.

I love you to the moon and back times infinity times infinity...Friday will be here soon!

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