Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Blah...or Yay?

VERDICT: School as usual. :(

All winter long, I've longed for snow. We'd get a dusting here or there...maybe a few inches, then it would unseasonably warm up and melt away and we'd be left with brown yuck. Bare trees, brown grass, small brown piles of snow on the corners...blah.

Christmas came and went with barely a snow flake in sight...for this born and bred MinneSOOOOOta girl, Christmas just doesn't feel right without a beautiful new blanket of sparkly snow. (Pre-Christmas photo below...)

January came and went with barely a flake. Even the bitter cold (which I can HAPPILY do without!) was no where in sight. It was bizarre. February passed by...this time WITH the bitter bold, but, you guessed it, NO SNOW. Around the middle-ish of February, I said..."You know what's gonna happen? JUST when we're all ready to welcome spring, we're gonna get DUMPED on." And guess what?

Here we are...March 2nd and looking forward to spring and guess what's  gonna happen tonight? SNOW. Not a ton (I've hear anywhere from 3 to 8 inches), but enough that it's "making people talk"...will we have a school delay? A snow day? Nothing at all? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!

Since I've become a school nurse, my snow day attitude has changed (albeit, VERY slightly)...a snow day for me means a longer school year...but I still love me a good snow day. (Just not LOTS of snow days!)

And so, as we settle in for the night, anticipating what will come tomorrow, I would be lying if I wasn't secretly wishing for a snow day (and, also, I'd love some snow during DAYLIGHT hours...I miss the beauty of falling snow! Seems that all of our snow has come at!!) and a lazy day home with my babes. 

Baking cookies, perhaps?

Making some sort of slow-cooked, time-intensive, heart-warming, soul-satisfying meal?

All of the above. Yes please.

And so...check back tomorrow and see what the verdict will be. Snow day or "life as usual"?!

We'll see!!!

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  1. Snow can be a lot of fun, especially for children. I am pushing 60 and live in central Georgia; but, I still love it when it snows.


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