Monday, November 3, 2014

Yes, I Did...And I'm Totally Not Ashamed.

Just finished up a fantastic weekend. Started with my least favorite holiday of the year and a bad attitude turned completely when the Grinch's heart grew 3 sizes. 

For several years, I took our kids trick-or-treating in our town's business trick-or-treat event. And each year I grew more and more hateful toward Halloween until I realized it was the HORDES of people fighting in and out of small doorways for one small tootsie roll that were making me so stressed out!

So last year, I said ENOUGH! No more downtown trick-or-treating. Mama needs her sanity. We did our annual Gram's Chili and then the hubby took the kids around to a few houses near my grandparents. Well, this year, I decided (begrudgingly) to go along with them and guess what????

I actually found myself enjoying it! Watching my bundled up Elsa, dress billowing out from under her winter coat, run door to door, seeing my kids being all shy and uncertain at the first couple of houses and then, near the end, offering up an unprompted "Happy Halloween" to each house they visited! It was delightful.

I giggled. I beamed as I heard their "thank you"s being offered without any reminders. My heart swelled when, after one of those sincere "thank you"s, an nice old lady said, "Well, I sure like to hear that!". Turns out, Halloween isn't as bad as I thought!

Then Saturday, the Mr. and I helped my bestie and her Superman move into their new home and gosh, if I didn't realize how much I enjoyed moving, too! So rewarding to see so much progress in such a short period of time and the excitement. I remember moving and as stressful as it was, there's always that strong undercurrent of excitement. Of new beginnings and memories yet to be made.

Sunday brought with it the spontaneous idea to host supper for my parents and Gram and Gramp. I had promised my mom Carrot Gravy (sound gross, but just try it, it's amazing!) for her birthday (in August) and Sunday seemed like the perfect day.

While grabbing some groceries, I wandered down the "Seasonal" aisle at our local Walmart and was struck with a sudden and ferocious Christmas bug. So, I came home and promptly put Pandora on to the Country Christmas station.

Yes. I was listening to Christmas music. And I'm not even a little bit afraid to admit it! #iheartchristmas Wait. Did I just use a hashtag in a blog post?! What is this world coming to?! ;)

Anyway, I now have a houseful of kiddos who are eagerly anticipating Christmas, asking when we can decorate and starting to talk about their Christmas lists. I'm hoping to try to slow the Christmas season down this year and try to enjoy it more. It just goes too fast!!

Have a fabulous week...and good luck to the deer hunters next weekend!


  1. Halloween is my least favorite holiday too. I try to enjoy it for the kids. We live in the country so we drive three hours to go to five houses. It's exhausting! I started listening to Christmas music on Saturday. Love it! Glad your weekend turned out to be great!

  2. I haven't blogged or read blogs for quite awhile and so I was glad to see this post from you this morning as I rolled through the list of posts! Your sense of humor always makes me smile! I too am not a fan of Halloween..but I have lightened up a bit and don't let it bother me like it use to. We loaded up the candy bowl and waited for the door bell to start ringing. I only saw a couple of the little ones and then left the handing out candy to my 69 year old hubby who is so nice to all the little goblins! He seems to enjoy it. I went in my tv room and enjoyed a movie while the kids came and went. We probably only had about 25 or 30 kids this it wasn't any big deal at all. I am glad you joined in the fun and went with the kiddos this year. I used to do that once upon a time when my girls were little. Now we have 11 grandkids here on earth and the 3 in heaven, plus some miscarried ones we never met. Life is short, and we sure do need to enjoy it as much as we can for as long as we can! And I might add that humor is a big help to get through the tough times. I think that is why I enjoy your blog so much...because you always make me smile. Have a great day!
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. Carrot Gravy sounds delicious!! Love the kids' coustumes too.


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