Friday, August 1, 2014

My Life...It's in Shambles

I have officially and ferociously reached the "GET THIS DAMN PROJECT DONE!!!!" part of our remodel. 

I'm tired of having plywood floors and drywall walls. 

I'm tired of having a rouge oven in the middle of my kitchen.

I'm tired of my washer and dryer being in the middle of my dining room.

I'm tired of the dust.

This isn't moving fast enough. I just want it, yesterday.

In the spirit of seeing forward progress, let me share with you a few before and after pics...more for my own mental health than anything else.

Here we go:

Before: View from Living Room:

During: Same View

Still During: Same View:

Before: View from end of stairs:

During: View from end of stairs. Whoa:

Okay...that helped. I now see the forward progress...but HOT DAMN let's hurry up!!

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