Tuesday, April 22, 2014


What a wonderful weekend. And yes, I realize I'm posting this on Tuesday and still saying "weekend"...that's because our school district's "Spring (i.e. Easter) Break" is Good Friday-Easter Monday.

Yup, we didn't have school yesterday!

Anyway...I love Easter. Such a wonderful time of rebirth and renewal! It really does rival Christmas...only, nothing will ever beat Christmas in my book. To top it off, this Easter weekend was absolutely, positively, breathtakingly beautiful.

If you haven't heard, we Minnesotans are emerging from the toughest winter in years. Bitter, everlasting cold, oodles of snow; it was like Elsa cast her icy spell on us and ran off into the mountains, never to be found again.

But this weekend? It was truly an "Act of Love" weekend! Sunshine! Birds! Warmth! Goodness. I dare say that spring may just come afterall! Side note: Last Wednesday we got slammed with 13 inches of snow. THIRTEEN INCHES. Gross. But by Sunday? Well, take a look at the background in this picture:


Also of note in that photo...the charred to a crisp Peep. My husband has an uncanny knack for roasting marshmallows...dude could win a throw-down against Bobby Flay in marshmallow roasting FOR SURE. Anyway, I heard from someone that roasted peeps were something straight from Heaven. Naturally, I had to give it a try, to see for myself.

So I called in the hubs and his freaky marshmallow roasting skillz. That peep was a rare casualty. And the verdict on roasted peeps? Pretty darn amazing! Like a gooey morsel of creme brulee!

You've gotta try it.

In other news, I neglected to get one single, solitary photo of my spiffed up family on Easter. Everyone was so bright and springy...and they came home from church and changed into grubby kickball clothes as fast as they possibly could.

Little scoundrels.

Have a terrifical week!

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