Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

It's back to school we go!

And, yeah, I'm a little bummed. (Or, a lot bummed.) I just HATE it when Christmas ends. Mostly because I love Christmas...big, fat, puffy heart LOVE Christmas, but also, because it kinda makes me like winter for a little bit.

Christmas just isn't the same to me unless we have a bunch of snow on the ground, so I welcome winter with open arms...until after Christmas. Then? Then winter is just sucky.





Months upon months of frigid cold without anything to look forward to to break it up a bit. And, of course, the whole "back to school" thing. The end of Christmas break. The end of my time with my kiddos under feet all day (yeah, sure, somedays are a little nutso, but overall? I LOVE the time with my kids.).

And so, today we are back to work, school, the daily grind. Some schools around us got the remainder of this week off (a whole TWO WEEKS off!!) and I'm green with envy of them. I was sooooooo hoping for a snow day or a late start or SOMETHING to extend the break for us...but nope. Here we are.

With a whole lotta winter still in front of us. 


(And here is where I put on my happy face and choose joy, right?) :)

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