Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Christmas (almost) Disaster.

It was the eve of Christmas Eve...the children were scattered about the house, playing nicely, the Mr. had just made a run to my parent's to deliver some crock-pots when Baby Girl cocked her ear to the side and said, "Who's crying, mama?".

"No one is crying, hon, that's Belle singing." (She was in the shower, singing away.)

And that's when I heard it...coming up the stairs...crying. From Dubya...and stammering, "Mom, I...I didn't mean to...I..."...and I said, panic rising in my chest, "You didn't WHAT?".

Hambone, who had accompanied Dubya up the stairs said, "Mom, something hit the TV."

Now...let's back up just a sec...

For the first time ever, in our whole lives, the Mr. and I went shopping on Black Friday. There was a great deal on TVs at Sam's Club and we thought, "what the heck, let's see if we can get one". See, we've lived our entire adult lives with junk. A TV that I received for Christmas as a 16 year old served us well for about the first 8 years of our marriage. Then a hand-me-down TV from my Gram and Gramp sufficed for a couple of years, and finally, a behemoth of a TV that we took from my parents. (And when I say "behemoth" I mean it weighed somewhere around 8,000 pounds.)

We haven't ever had any sort of TV service in our home, since we've lived here (9+ years) and so, never really had any desire for a "nice" TV. Then, the area in which the behemoth TV resided started to become too much of an eyesore, DVDs strewn about, this giant, bulky beast taking up a huge space in our basement and we decided to buy something nice for ourselves. A little early Christmas present, of sorts.

The Black Friday story is, in and of itself, a story that deserves its own post, but I'll give you the punchline of that story...we got our TV. 55 glorious inches of sleek frivolousness. We even bought a beautiful new storage cabinet to pull it all together.

Fast forward approximately 25 days (the eve of Christmas Eve) and we had probably turned the TV on 5, maybe 6, times.

Back to the story above..."Mom, something hit the TV.". My body operates on a MAJOR fight or flight system...a little stress and I get all shaky. So, with my heart in my throat and my hands shaking like crazy, I went downstairs...and there it was.

On our beautiful new TV...a rainbow of vertical streaks emanating from a spiderweb in the center of it, the result of a Wii nunchuck vs. flat screen TV accident.

And that's when my tears started. Good golly, we can't have something nice in our house for even a month?! We haven't even gotten the bill for it yet!! (Yes, we charged it...unusual for us.) My stomach was in knots and I seriously thought I was going to vomit.

All the while, Dubya is nearly hysterical behind me, "I didn't mean to mom! I'm sorry! Here, take ALL of my money! (He handed me a jar of, literally, ALL his money.) Will you forgive me?".

Through my tears, I told him, yes, I will forgive him, but that at that moment, I needed to "not see him". I sent a text to the Mr., asking him to please come home, and after some back and forth, he was on his way.

Then I received a text from my mama, "Give him the best Christmas present ever, and don't be mad. It won't ever happen again.". And that made the tears even worse. Then Belle comes and quietly says, "Is this going to ruin Christmas?" and I reassured her, through my tears, that no, this was not going to ruin Christmas.

That night, as I read Caring Bridge posts, I received a reminder that a broken TV is the very least of my worries. How many people suffering this Christmas season would give ANYTHING to have their only worry be a broken TV? It was then that I decided that "Hey, what's a broken TV?", at least I have a 10 year old healthy enough to break it, and I resolved to NOT let this taint our Christmas.

I'll be honest, as long as I kept it out of my mind, I did a decent job...but my heart felt a little tight if I thought about it too much, so I just tried to keep it out of my mind.

Unfortunately for us, screen damage isn't covered by any kind of warranty and we've been told that the TV is unfixable...apparently the broken panel will cost nearly as much as a new TV. Vizio has offered us the same (albeit, refurbished) TV at the same price we got it for on Black we just decide if that's what we want to do.

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Simple Little Prayer...

That is so incredibly powerful.

We just celebrated our annual Christmas soiree with my amazing friend, Dr. J, and her family. One thing that is awesome (one of MANY) about our friendship, is that we were raised with and continue to share the same faith.

So, we can talk about faith without it being "weird" or awkward, just like we can all pray the same prayer at supper time without worrying if it makes one or the other feel uncomfortable. It's an easy friendship in so many ways!

J. was telling us a story and in the story she mentioned a prayer that she says on her way to work every morning. It went something like this:

"God, please let my eyes be your eyes, let my hands be your hands, and let my ears be your ears."

J is a family physician, so these words are powerful to her profession...but it was what they can mean to ALL of us that really resonated with me. I really started to think about these words and the power they hold for our daily life and's all I can think about lately!

Then, I started thinking of the ways I can add to that prayer, for my own life..."God, please let my voice be your voice, let my thoughts be your thoughts, let my HEART be your HEART." We are imperfect people living in a broken world but what if...? What if we all said this prayer to start our day?

"God, let my heart be your heart."

Imagine, for a second, what just that one part of that prayer could do. "Let MY heart be YOUR heart." We all have room to grow. Areas for improvement. Ways in which we can better ourselves...and what if our hearts were like God's? 

"Let MY heart be YOUR heart, Lord."


Merry (almost) Christmas, my dear friends!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Did It!!

You guys?

I'm done, I'm done, I'M DONE!!!!!!!!

Didja hear that?

I'M DONE!!!!!

Presents purchased, wrapped, and under the tree. Can't believe it.

First time ever that I've been done with time to spare! Only...I have baked a single, solitary Christmas treat. Hoping to do that over the next few evenings/days!

Two more days of work and then I get to experience my first Christmas break in over 14 years! So. Flipping. Excited!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nursing...Open the Door to Incredible Opportunities With Kaplan!

This post is brought to you by Kaplan and BlogHer.

When I became a nurse, I did so with the knowledge that I was going into a field that was stable and secure...what I didn't realize at the time were the incredible amounts of career opportunities that exist in the field of nursing!

For nearly 15 years, I held a job in a field that I loved...helping mom's bring babies into the world. family grew, my kids' lives got busier, my priorities started to change and before I knew it, hospital nursing wasn't quite as appealing as it once was. Enter: JOB OPENING: School Nurse.

I'll admit I was a little hesitant leaving the safety net of the only type of nursing I had ever known (and a job I truly loved), but I was ready. I was ready for a change AND the opportunity to continue to work with youth. I have been incredibly fulfilled with my new job...and it has opened my eyes even more to the versatility that exists within the field of nursing!

Let me just name off some of the options for you...

Hospital staff nurse. There are oodles of departments and fields in which to practice nursing in an inpatient setting: surgery, pediatrics, oncology, rehab, labor and delivery, as well as the numerous outpatient areas: same day surgery, endoscopy, clinic nursing.

More of a "business" type of person? How about management? Continue your nursing education and become a nurse educator or maybe fill a leadership role in a nursing area. 

Maybe you're the "patient care" type but would prefer a bit more anonymity. You can continue your education and become a Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife, or even a Nurse Anesthetist.

When I made that decision to become a nurse nearly 2 decades ago, I had no idea what doors I was opening by getting my nursing degree. I had no idea of the opportunities that would present themselves. I didn't have a clue about the extensive amount of graduate programs available for advancing my degree OR the sheer amount of diverse career options I was providing to myself.

Considering becoming a nurse?

Just do it.

You'll never regret it!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Giving Thanks...

I know I'm over week late to the game, but don't they say you should count your blessings EVERY day, not just on the "big ticket" ones?

Yeah, I'm rollin' with that.

(Really, I just have some cute pictures from Thanksgiving that I want to show you!) :)

First up, this little man.

He warms my heart. Absolutely, positively, the most amazing little guy. 

Remember him here?

Crazy that he's already 1.

I think it's time they had another...they did so well with the first one that there needs to be a sequel. :)

Then, there's this little girl.

This little munchkin that was never in "our" plans but THANK GOODNESS God had a better vision than we!

This guy.


Hot damn, he lights my fire.

This dude.

His "official" senior can he be over 1/4 of the way through his senior year. Hard to believe that at this time next year, he'll be away at college, preparing for finals week. *sob*

And my little lady.

She who is my mini me. I am marveling in her as she grows and matures by the day.

How about the family "softy"...a sturdy exterior belies his soft heart.

Caring, hard working, eager to please...and TALKATIVE. Holy man. My ears. ;)

And our Hambone.

Goofy. Silly. Not a serious bone in his body (we'll see how that serves him as he grows older)...the fun loving big brother to his baby sister.

Good gracious, I am one blessed lady. (I had to throw this one in, to show the crazy that happens when it comes time for a family photo...Baby Girl's pose just kills me!)

Amazed by the way God has touched my life. Surpassed even my wildest expectations...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sweet Munchkin...

I went through a busy spurt with photos this fall...right in the midst of the job change and everything, but dang, when I get to capture things like this:

It really makes all the extra work worth it!

This little peanut was so fun to photograph!

Monday, December 2, 2013


(No, I'm not pregnant...)

It's SNOWING!!!!!!!

And we're getting a good amount!!

As they say...

"It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!"


Back to regular scheduled programming...


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