Monday, April 20, 2009

The Lovely Miss E.

Part of my reason to start a blog, was to journal, in some sort of way, the daily happenings, musings, sillies, that I don't want to forget, but am terrible at writing down. So, backing up a bit, here's a great story from our lovely Miss E.

One afternoon, E. was quite quiet, almost sad. I couldn't get out of her what was bugging her, but eventually she said, "I'm going to be so sad when you die." Which led to a long discussion on death, how it happens to everyone, how we'll have hopefully lived a long, full life. She brought up her great g-ma who had passed away (some time ago) and I reassured her that "Grandma B lived soooo long. Just think of all the wonderful memories she had and all the good times she celebrated with her family."
E. got quiet again, tears welling up in her big, blue eyes, "I'm gonna be REALLY sad when Grandma Barb dies." To which I replied, "So am I." (Mind you, Grandma Barb is one young, active, healthy g-ma who'll probably outlive ALL of us!!)
Again, she was deep in thought, and I was thinking, "Oh, no, what's coming next?" I could tell whatever was going through that mind, was taking A LOT of thought and consideration. Finally E. spoke: "Mom, when Grandma Barb dies, can we have her house?" :)
Man, I love this girl!!! Oh, yeah, and g-pa wanted to know what we'd do with him, "He can have the exercise room" was the final decision!

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