Thursday, August 11, 2016

Black Hills 2016...Day 1

As y'all know from my last post, we recently spent some time in the Black Hills. What you might not know, is that while we were there, I realized that blogging is such a great way to document memories! So, while this may bore you a bit, for posterity's sake, here goes my "journaling" of our time in the Black Hills.

After we drove for what felt like 13 thousand hours, we FINALLY arrived in the approximately the hottest minute of the hottest hour of the hottest day in FOREVER. 102 degrees. 

Can I tell you a little something about being in the Badlands on a 102 degree day? 


So. Freaking. Hot.

I think I might have actually been melting at one point.

Let me tell you a little something else...after driving for 13 thousand hours and arriving in brick oven set at a bajillion degrees, one does not feel much like strolling around, taking in the scenes. The badlands sight seeing went something like this:

Family: "OOOOOH, let's go over here and look!"
Me: "Blergh."
Family: "OOOOOOH, let's hike over there!"
Me: "Blah."
Family: "OOOOOOOH, let's climb up that giant rock wall!"
Me: "Ugh."
Family: "OOOOOOOH, let's get out here and hike some more!"
Me: "So help me if you stop this vehicle one more time I will melt, MELT, into the rock and become a part of the Badlands forever and EVER!! DO YOU WANT THAT ON YOUR HEAD?!"

We didn't stop much after that.

BUT, we drove through and enjoyed the Badlands from the comfort of our air conditioned vehicle. 

Photo cried to my teenage daughter...because my phone has ZERO storage left.

And then, we stopped in the Mecca of souvenir shops...Wall Drug. That place is a tourist trap of junky delight. So. many. souvenirs. And, I bought a selfie stick...'cuz what self(ie)-respecting mother doesn't have a selfie stick on her family vacation? Shame on you if you don't. *Ahem* (Yes, I felt like a dork buying it but honestly? It came in handy!)

We pulled into our campsite at about 8pm and we settled in for a delicious supper of pepperoni roll-ups.

And that, my friends, wraps up Day 1!


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