Friday, February 20, 2015

I've Been Remiss...

Used to be that every birthday/anniversary/special event I would pound out a touching and somewhat witty post related to said event. Then...well, then life happened and I started working full time and spending my daytime hours in front of a computer screen and, well, suddenly blogging felt more like a chore and less like a hobby and before I knew it, a special event would pass and a few days later I'd be all "Huh...I forgot to write a post on that...".

Then, last night, my biggest bro sent me a text that said "Where is your blog post about my first nephew's birthday?"...and I was all, "Oh shoot. I forgot another one.".

(Look at me, with my "Smile for the camera, kids." speech goin' on...)

And so, without further ado, lemme catch us up on...well, apparently on the last year of big events! ( last "event" post was Pal's birthday last year!) Grab a cozy seat and cup of might be here awhile.

After Pal's 18th birthday came my beloved's 41st birthday. As #6 (out of 10) in his family, every year I like to express my gratitude that his mom and dad didn't stop at 5. Love that man and the life he provides me!

Next up? Hambone's birthday in August...also, in the whirlwind finishing (sort of) of our major Home Remodel. 9. Nine years old...and still goofy and full of one-liners. This kid keeps us laughing and if Hollywood weren't so dang far away (and, let's face it, so full of CRAZY), I'd encourage this kid to be an actor. He can nail movie lines/impressions after the first time he's watched a movie. It's a gift, I tell ya! sweet Belle hit 13. Kiddo #2 to enter the teen years and gosh dang if I can't say I've loved every (okay, okay, MOST) minute of it. She is sweet and delightful and her exterior beauty is only a hint at how beautiful she is inside. This girl makes (so far) teen years look easy. While shopping at a local sporting goods store, the sales associate who was helping us asked her, "Are you 13? I have a 13 year old and I think everyone needs to have one...they're delightful!"...and the look of pure love and joy on her face warmed my heart and I agreed. 13 is pretty awesome.

Dubya's birthday followed shortly after...11. Let me ask you are my kids getting so old?! Seemed like just yesterday that just getting out of the house was a TOTAL CHORE because I had several small children and OH. MY. GOSH the gear. And now? Now they're all big and independent and waaaaaaaaaaaa!!! My babies!! Anyway, Dubya. This kid is a hoot. Talkative to beat the band, he often times doesn't wait for an answer before asking his next question. They come into his head and he spews them out so fast, it leaves little time for one to actually answer anything he asks! Which leads me to this: the kid is brilliant. Now, I realize I'm his mom and I'm a bit biased, but just this year, it's dawned on me that the kid NEVER has homework (I'm not me, NOT COMPLAINING!) and is always scoring 100% (or more, depending on the extra credit offerings). I mean...I'm not even sure I could get the scores he's getting!! He's a delight and joy to have around.

And then...Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's came and went without any drama, unlike years past.

Which brings us to February...and our Baby Girl's 7th birthday. Gracious. Where does the time go? We all get the biggest kick out of watching videos of her and she often says "I want to be little again!!!" ('cuz, you know, 7 is SO old...). She is the perfect baby in our family...kind of our "family pet". She gets away with EVERYTHING and uses her baby blues on her daddy to break him down and wrap him even tighter around that little finger of hers. Lately, she's perfected the cartwheel (I mean, seriously PERFECTED) and rather than walking through the house, she does cartwheels to wherever she needs to go. Cartwheels...all day, e'ry day.

Then the Mr. and I celebrated 14 years of marriage. Good golly do I love being married to that man. No, it's not perfect, WE are not perfect, but it's perfectly imperfect and I wouldn't want to be walking this life alongside anyone but him. He is a Godly man, a strong man (physically, emotionally, spiritually), a kind man, a giving man, an amazing father and an absolutely wonderful husband. He makes me. Yes, makes me.

Finally, we come full circle to Pal's birthday. 19. NINETEEN. Did you hear that people????? He is the age at which I had him. Gah. Nearly 3/4 of the way through his first year of college and learning a lot. Not just book learning, but life learning. How to prioritize. What it's like to live away from home. Making life-long friends and memories that will be talked about for years to come. The time of his life. He makes me so proud. So happy. And so excited to see the places he'll go.

And, with that, I've just summarized the last year of our life in events! Now...let's see if I can keep up this year!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Guess I Don't Like Being Wrong.

I have a little story to tell you...a story that made me realize I really don't like to be wrong (I mean, I rarely am, so, you know...)...or, more so, I don't like to be thought of as being wrong when I really know I'm right. Here's the story:

I stopped at Subway to grab a bite to eat after a hospital shift. I had a small, random Visa gift card balance that I had found after going through my purse and so, at checkout, I asked the cashier if I could use it. She affirmed that I could, if I knew the balance (I did) and so, she ran the card...then whipped out a handy little calculator and proceeded to tell me I owed her an additional $2.75.

All I had was a 10 dollar bill, so I handed it over, she sighed a little, thoughtfully grabbed me my 7 dollars then reached for the change dispenser thingamajig and started to disassemble it.

"Oh gosh", I interrupted, "Would it just be easier if I gave you the change?"

"Um. Yeah...kinda."

So, I started scrounging up 75 cents. Then she got me all confused and said, "Oh no, it was only a quarter."

"Oh, I thought you said .75..." so I put the rest of the change away and handed her a quarter. She plopped it in the till, slammed it shut and said, "Thank you!".

"'t you supposed to give me a dollar back now?" I said.

She, looking totally confused, "Um. No."

"Well, see I gave you a ten, and then another quarter...I should get a dollar back."

"Um. No."

By this time there was a nice man waiting behind me, so I said, "Well, I'm confused, because I should have gotten a money back, but it's just a dollar, so no big deal." 

So I leave. Running this over and over in my mind, thinking I should have said something like, "Okay, see...YOU were going to give me money back...and then I gave you MORE money...and you didn't give me ANY money back after that." And I kept reminding myself, "it's only a's only a dollar"...when it dawned on me what I was truly upset about: She THOUGHT I WAS WRONG. I was having internal turmoil, not because I paid more for my sub than I should have, but BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT I WAS WRONG. I mean, AS IF.

Me? Wrong? Why I NEVER...



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